Award Winners for Debut Author

Winners from 2014

  • Exception to the Rule by Cindy Rizzo, Self-Published
  • In Between by Jane Hoppen, Published by Bold Strokes Books
  • Laughing Down the Moon by Eva Indigo, Published by Bella Books


  • A Venomous Cocktail by Jody Valley, Published by Bella Books
  • Angel's Touch by Siri Caldwell, Published by Bella Books
  • Hell's Belle by Marie Castle, Published by Bella Books
  • Laughter in the Wind by SL Harris, Published by Bella Books
  • Like Jazz by Heather Blackmore, Published by Bold Strokes Books
  • Saving Morgan by MB Panichi, Published by Bella Books

Winners from 2013

  • Art On Fire by Hilary Sloin, Published by Bywater Books
  • Lemon Reef by Robin Silverman, Published by Bold Strokes Books
  • The Furthest City Light by Jeanne Winer, Published by Bella Books


  • Everything Pales in Comparison by Rebecca Swartz, Published by Bella Books
  • Fragmentary Blue by Erica Abbott, Published by Bella Books
  • Riding Fury Home, A Memoir by Chana Wilson, Published by Seal Press
  • Sometime Yesterday by Yvonne Heidt, Published by Bold Strokes Books
  • Writing On The Wall by Jenna Rae, Published by Bella Books

Winners from 2012

  • After The Fall, Robin Summers, published by Bold Strokes Books (Winner of Category)
  • Open Water, Pol Robinson, published by Bella Books (Winner of Category)
  • Waiting In The Wings, Melissa Brayden, published by Bold Strokes Books (Winner of Category)


  • Dark Wife, The, Sarah Diemer, published by Sarah Diemer
  • Faithful Service, Silent Hearts, Lynette Mae, published by Regal Crest Enterprises
  • Girls Club, The, Sally Bellerose, published by Bywater Books
  • Slayer, The, Nadine LaPierre, published by Frisson Books
  • Unbroken Circle, Mary Griggs, published by Bella Books

Winners from 2011

  • Red Rover  by  Liz Bugg, published by  Insomniac Press  (Winner of Category)
  • Rip Van Dyke  by    Kate McLachlan, published by Regal Crest  (Winner of Category)
  • Shadow Point  by  Amy Briant, published by  Bella Books  (Winner of Category)


  • Jukebox  by Gina Noelle Daggett, published by Bella Books
  • Miles To Go  by Amy Dawson Robertson, published by Bella Books
  • The Side Door  by Jan Donley, published by Spinsters Ink
  • Whatever Gods May Be by  Sophia Kell Hagin, published by Bold Strokes Books
  • Wind And Bones  by  Kristin Marra, published by Bold Strokes Books

Winners from 2010

  • Keile’s Chance by Dillon Watson,  published by Bella Books (Winner of Category)
  • October’s Promise by Marianne Garver, published by Bella Books  (Winner of Category)
  • Waltzing at Midnight by Robbi McCoy, published by Bella Books(Winner of Category)


  • Renegade by Cheyne Curry, published by PD publishing
  • The Middle of Somewhere by Clifford Henderson, published by Bold Strokes Books
  • The Sublime/Spirited Voyage by Colette Moody, published by Bold Strokes Books
  • Verge by Z. Egloff, published by Bywater Books
  • Welcome Home by Glenda Poulter, published by PD Publishing

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