Award Winners for Paranormal/Horror*

Winners from 2014

  • The Awakening: Book One in the Sisters of Spirits Trilogy by Yvonne Heidt, Published by Bold Strokes Books
  • The Horde by Linda Kay Silva, Published by Sapphire Books Publishing
  • The Lone Hunt by L.L. Rand, Published by Bold Strokes Books


  • Back to Blue by Dillon Watson, Published by Bella Books
  • Hell's Belle by Marie Castle, Published by Bella Books
  • The Rarest Rose by I. Beacham, Published by Bold Strokes Books
  • True Nature by Jae, Published by Ylva Publishing
  • Under the Midnight Cloak by S.Y. Thompson, Published by Regal Crest Enterprises

Winners from 2013

  • Sometime Yesterday by Yvonne Heidt, Published by Bold Strokes Books
  • The Book of Eleanor by Nat Burns, Published by Bella Books
  • Touch Me Gently by D. Jackson Leigh, Published by Bold Strokes Books


  • A Question of Ghosts by Cate Culpepper, Published by Bold Strokes Books
  • Summoning Shadows by Winter Pennington, Published by Bold Strokes Books
  • Sunfall by Nell Stark and Trinity Tam, Published by Bold Strokes Books
  • The Pyramid Waltz by Barbara Ann Wright, Published by Bold Strokes Books
  • Third by Q. Kelly, Published by Ride the Rainbow Books

Winners from 2012

  • Before The Dawn, Kate Sweeney, published by Intaglio Publications (Winner of Category)
  • Blood Hunt, L.L. Raand, published by Bold Strokes Books (Winner of Category)


  • The Dreamer, Her Angel And The Stars, Linda S. North, published by Regal Crest Enterprises
  • In Sight Of The Seer, Linda Anderson & Sara Marx, published by Bella Books
  • Lunatic Fringe, Allison Moon, published by Lunatic Ink
  • Scarlet Masquerade, Jett Abbott, published by Sapphire Books Publishing

Winners from 2011

  • Rip Van Dyke by Kate McLachlan, published by  Regal Crest  (Winner of Category)
  • River Walker by Cate Culpepper, published by  Bold Strokes Books  (Winner of Category)


  • Canyon Shadows by Victoria Welsh & KC West, published by  Blue Feather Books
  • Nevermore by Nell Stark & Trinity Tam, published by  Bold Strokes Books
  • Shadow Point by Amy Briant, published by  Bella Books

Winners from 2010

  • Barking at the Moon by Nene Adams, published by PD Publishing  (Winner of Category)
  • Everafter by Nell Stark/Trinity Tam, published by Bold Stroke Books  (Winner of Category)


  • Ancestral Magic by Moondancer Drake, published by PD Publishing
  • Fireside by Cate Culpepper, published by Bold Stroke Books
  • The Sea Hawk by Brenda Adcock, published by Regal Crest

Winners from 2009

  • Whispering Pine by Mavis Applewater, published by Blue Feather Books

*Category changed from Paranormal Romance to Paranormal/Horror in 2014


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