Award Winners for Poetry

Winners from 2014

  • Chopper! Chopper! by Veronica Reyes, Published by Red Hen Press
  • Roses Red by Beth Mitchum, ed., Published by UltraVioletLove Publishing
  • The Finley Human Experience by Monique Finley, Published by UltraVioletLove Publishing


  • fur(l) parachute by Shannon Maguire, Published by BookThug
  • Light Light by Julie Joosten, Published by BookThug
  • Midnight Musings by Shawn Blackhawk, Published by Regal Crest Enterprises
  • The Immaculate Chaos of Being by Kathleen Wheeler, Published by KatWheelerBooks
  • Sisterhood by Julie R. Enszer, Published by Sibling Rivalry Press

Winners from 2013

  • Secession by Amy Sara Carroll, Published by Hyperbole Books - Imprint of San Diego State University Press
  • Wo(l)ds of Love, Loss, and Longing by Beth Mitchum, Published by UltraVioletLove Publishing


  • Heart Prints by Bettina Morello, Published by Boudica Publishing Inc.
  • Journey to Her Heart by Karen Belmar, Published by Affinity eBook Press NZ Ltd.
  • The Other Side of Joy by April Joy Bowden, Published by AuthorHouse
  • to go without blinking by Aimee Herman, Published by Blaze VOX (books)
  • Wet Violets: Sappho's Corner Poetry Series, Vol 2 by Beth Mitchum, ed., Published by UltraVioletLove Publishing

Winners from 2012

  • Head Off & Split, Nikky Finney, published by Northwestern University Press
  • Things I Say To Pirates On Nights When I Miss You, Keely Hyslop, published by Fourteen Hills Press


  • Birdland, Kathy  McTavish, published by Wildwood River Press
  • Cloud Birds, Sheila Packa, published by Wildwood River Press
  • In The Silence Of The Unspoken, S. Anne Gardner, published by Affinity EBook Press NZ Ltd

Winners from 2011

  • Echo & Lightning by  Sheila Packa, published by  Wildwood River Press
  • White Shirt by  Laurie MacFayden, published by  Frontenac House


  • Handmade Love by  Julie Enszer, published by  A Midsummer Night’s Press
  • The Window Into One’s Soul by  Sutton, Blackhawk, Carbinela, DK, published by  L-Book

Winners from 2010

  • Bird Eating Bird by Kristin Naca,  published by Harper
  • In Praise of Falling by Cheryl Dumesnil, published by University of Pittsburgh Press
  • The Heart’s Traffic by Ching-in Chen, published by Arktoi Books


  • A by Sophie Robinson, published by Les Figues Press
  • Cave of the Yellow Volkswagen by Maureen Seaton, published by Carnegie Mellon Press
  • Diminuendo by Emily Reed, published by Blue Feather Books
  • Tryst by Angie Estes, published by Oberlin College Press
  • When It Happens To You by Alice Teeter, published by Star Cloud Press

Winners from 2008

  • The Human Line by Ellen Bass, published by Copper Canyon Press
  • The Islands Project by  Eloise Klein Healy, published by Red Hen Press
  • Torch River by Elizabeth Philips, published by Brick Books

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